How Lukashenko is using refugees to put pressure on EU?

You might have heard already about “refugee crisis” happening in Lithuania: in last months several thousands of people through forests and swamps crossed belarusian lithuanian border to request asylum in one of the European countries. In fact, the goal of most of the refugees from the Middle East is to move further into the EU as Lithuania with it’s new conservative government is not a friendly place to be for an immigrant (even though a lot of Lithuanians after the country joined the European Union migrated to western countries for economic reasons).

Why do I advise my belarusian comrades not to move to Germany?

Now, unfortunately, many anarchists and anti-fascists from Belarus have already left the country or are planning to migrate because of repressions. It is clear that people are interested in living conditions in various countries. But in addition to salaries and a good life, many people are also interested in politics. How active a person can be in a country with his or her experience of Belarusian activism. After several years in Germany, I stopped recommending this country to my comrades for political migration.

Почему я не советую товарищам из Беларуси переезжать в Германию?

Сейчас, к сожалению, очень многие анархисты и антифашисты из Беларуси уже выехали из страны либо планируют миграцию из-за репрессий. Понятное дело, что людей интересуют условия проживания в различных странах. Но помимо зарплат и хорошей жизни многих интересуют вопросы политики. Насколько человек может быть активен в той или иной стране со своим опытом беларуского активизма. После нескольких лет в Германии я перестал рекомендовать эту страну товарищам для политической миграции.