Is Russia becoming a communist country?

In recent elections to Duma (Russian parliament) communist party (CPRF) gained 5% and is resting now at 18.93%. It is still far away from Putin’s United Russia, but for a lot of enthusiasts, this can sound like good news. Some might think that ideas of communism are gaining once again and sooner or later Russia will be liberated from capitalism. The story is way more complicated. And shortly – no, Russia is not becoming more communist from electing members of the Communist Party.

How COVID vaccine is used by Putin to gain political power in Germany

The love story between german goverment and authoritarian Putins regime in Russia is a long one. And while the biggest baby of this love is North Stream oil pipe, the struggle against COVID is becoming another big project. Recently the news came that Germany is up to buy 30m Sputnik jabs from Russia. Experience of neighbours from Croatia who got somehow shitty Sputnik is not really the thing germans would like to accept.